How to keep your jewelry shiny?

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  • January 06, 2023

Jewelry is shiny, but over time, if it is not protected, it will slowly lose its luster. How to keep your jewelry sparkling? Jewelry is fragile and in most cases expensive, which is why it is essential to know how to package jewelry by type. Proper use of jewelry boxes is especially important if you store silver, diamonds, or pearls for a long time.


Depending on the material and metal from which it is made, many pieces of jewelry will tarnish over time. This is especially true if you often live in an area with very high humidity. That's because moisture and oxidation in the air are the main causes of discoloration. A humid climate actually speeds up this process. To protect your precious metals and jewelry, you must master a few tricks to keep your jewelry sparkling.


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1. How to keep your silver jewelry shiny?

You need to be more careful when storing silver jewelry. In most cases, silver jewelry is best kept in a jewelry drawstring bag or wrapped in a silver polishing cloth. In this way, the possibility of being oxidized by air will be minimized. But no matter how well you pack it, you'll need to polish it after you pull it out of storage. Polishing silver jewelry can be done with a polishing cloth to keep it shiny.


How to keep your diamond jewelry shining?


2. How to keep your diamond jewelry shining?

It is imperative that diamond jewelry needs to be properly stored. Diamonds are very strong, you don't have to worry about them getting scratched, instead, you should worry about whether the diamond will scratch other jewelry. So, you need to make sure to wrap anything containing diamonds to protect other jewelry. Diamond is an elemental crystal composed of carbon formed under high pressure and high-temperature conditions deep in the earth. Diamond is the hardest natural substance known in the world. When you're doing chores, don't get oil or bleach on your diamond, as oil can affect the shine of your jewelry; bleach can spot the metal.


3. How to prevent pearl jewelry from discoloring

Pearl is an ancient organic gemstone, mainly produced in the mollusks of pearl shellfish and mother-of-pearl shellfish. Pearls are mineral beads containing calcium carbonate produced by the endocrine action of shellfish, which are composed of a large number of tiny aragonite crystals. There are many types, different shapes, and colorful colors. Soluble in acid and alkali, it is not suitable to contact perfume, oil, salt, alcohol, hair cream, vinegar, and dirt in daily life; it is not suitable to contact organic solvents such as banana water; in summer, the human body sweats a lot, so it is not suitable to wear pearl necklaces When not in use, wipe it clean with a soft and slightly damp clean cotton cloth and store it in an air-dried place. Do not use any detergent to clean it; do not expose it to the sun or bake it; do not put it together with moth balls when collecting it, and do not store it in a bank vault for a long time Inside. The hardness of pearls is low. White pearls worn for a long time will turn yellow and make the luster worse. You can bleach them with 1%-1.5% hydrogen peroxide. Be careful not to bleach them too much, otherwise, they will lose their luster. It is recommended to put it in the jewelry box when not wearing it at ordinary times.


How to prevent pearl jewelry from discoloring


4. How to prevent all types of jewelry from tarnishing

If you're not sure whether your jewelry is silver, diamonds, or pearls, try these tips for total tarnish prevention. Use flannelette jewelry drawstring bags and store them by category to avoid rubbing jewelry against each other. At the same time, you can also use jewelry packaging boxes, which can better protect your jewelry from damage and will not be oxidized by air.


The above is how to keep your jewelry shining, have you learned it? We are a jewelry packaging manufacturer, and we have various styles of jewelry drawstring bags and jewelry packaging boxes, if you need custom jewelry bags or jewelry packaging boxes, welcome to contact us.

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