What kinds of materials are commonly used in jewelry packaging boxes?

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  • March 20, 2022

Jewelry, as a precious gift, is generally used on important occasions, and whether the jewelry is packaged beautifully affects the value of jewelry from a certain level. Beautiful and creative jewelry packaging boxes can impress. So, what are the commonly used materials for jewelry packaging boxes?


paper jewelry packaging boxes


1. Are paper jewelry packaging boxes the most commonly used?
Yes, that's right, cardboard jewelry packaging boxes are the most widely used at present, which are relatively simple in workmanship, low in cost, and strong in plasticity. Different styles can be made according to the needs of jewelers, which is also conducive to environmental protection. Jewelry packaging boxes like this are very welcome.


2. Velvet jewelry packaging boxes
The material of the box itself is made of plastic, but the surface is covered with a layer of velvet cloth, which makes the jewelry box feel more textured and soft, and can also improve the grade of the jewelry box. Its production cost is relatively low, so Also very popular.


Wooden jewelry packaging boxes


3. Wooden jewelry packaging boxes
A wooden jewelry box is a relatively traditional jewelry box. Generally, it is large in size and inconvenient to carry. It is mainly stored at home. However, wooden objects have relatively high requirements for production technology and cost, and can also protect you well. jewelry. Because of its large capacity, it can basically store all the jewelry in your home, and it is also very practical.


4. Glass jewelry packaging boxes
The glass usually used in jewelry packaging boxes is plexiglass, which is relatively hard and will not be easily worn, and is also resistant to corrosion. Glass jewelry boxes belong to the fashion category and are generally used for high-end packaging.


Which jewelry box of the above materials do you prefer? As a jewelry box manufacturer with 20 years of experience, we can customize the design according to your needs and make your most satisfactory jewelry packaging boxes.

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