Selection and maintenance of paper ring boxes

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  • March 21, 2022

Jewelers will consider many factors when choosing a paper ring box, such as size, color, material, and so on. And as a customer, how do you take care of your paper ring box after you buy the ring?


The ring box is usually small and exquisite, easy to carry, and very popular among female users. So, what kind of paper ring box should we choose to make customers like it?

Selection and maintenance of paper ring boxes

1. Paper ring box size selection.

Ring boxes are usually made small and light, suitable for storing different rings, so the size of paper ring boxes cannot be made too large. In small boxes, soft linings need to be placed on the bottom and lid of the box, so that To protect the ring from wear and tear. If you have a lot of rings, or you want the ring box to store a lot of things, then you need to choose a large size box, which is usually made of wood.


2. The choice of paper ring box lining.

Most paper ring boxes are multi-layered, and multiple layers are beneficial to separate different rings, so as to arrange them in an orderly manner and avoid wear and tear between the rings. The inner wall of the box also needs to have thick protective padding, which will reduce the wobbling of the ring inside.


Selection and maintenance of paper ring boxes


3. The choice of the color of the paper ring box
What color ring box would you choose? Everyone's love of color is different, and their aesthetics are also different. The yellow paper ring box gives people warmth, splendor, and hope. This color is used less often in the production of boxes, but it does a great job. The blue trapeze feels pure, calm, and steady. Many boys prefer blue paper ring boxes. There is no doubt that pink is a color that children or women like very much. Pink represents cuteness, sweetness, and tenderness. Pink paper ring boxes are very popular.


How to maintain the paper ring box?
1. Store in a ventilated and dry place
2. Do not expose to the sun to avoid the box being too dry and discolored
3. After the surface of the box is wet, wipe it with a dry cloth in time
4. Do not fold and press when storing, and heavy items cannot be placed on the box
5. The paper ring box is different from the leather ring box, and the surface cannot be wiped with a damp cloth or wet tissue

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