How to choose a jewelry pendant box? What are the requirements for a custom design?

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  • May 30, 2022

Jewelry pendants are common ornaments, and I believe that every girl has a lot of jewelry. Are you bothered by having too much jewelry and don't know where to store it? If you are a jewelry supplier, what are your requirements for the custom design of jewelry pendant boxes? How much jewelry pendant box can you accept?


How to choose a jewelry pendant box?

I believe that many people do not know what material to choose and which type of packaging box is better when choosing a jewelry pendant box.

Jewelry pendant boxes are generally made of high-end materials and ordinary materials. High-end materials are mainly used to store gold and silver jewelry. High-end jewelry boxes are loved by people regardless of their size. There is no doubt about this, because of the choice of these materials and appearance In terms of shape, it has already surpassed the general packaging box, so for those who have a lot of gold and silver jewelry, the jewelry box of this material will be more tasteful and high-end. When we choose jewelry pendant boxes, we can choose them according to personal needs. Users can buy portable jewelry boxes or jewelry bags to carry them around more conveniently. Or the usual jewelry style is relatively small, which is a delicate and compact style, so it is not bad to choose a delicate portable jewelry box, there is no problem of occupying space, and the jewelry pendants can be properly stored.


How to choose a jewelry pendant box?


What are the requirements for the custom design of jewelry pendant boxes?

A jewelry pendant and other brands want to capture more consumers. In addition to more creative designs in product quality and style, its packaging box is also an important factor, which will also affect consumers to a certain extent. Would be happier to buy the brand. Many brands of jewelry pendant packaging boxes will be designed to attract consumers. At the same time, they also form the company's specific marketing advertisements, so that more people can see the packaging and know that it is a certain brand, which has the effect of propaganda.


At first glance, the jewelry pendant box seems to only need one type and packaging, but it is not. Especially for high-end jewelry brands, the packaging box must not be ignored, and it is necessary to display the company's identity as much as possible on the pendant box. cultural brand. For example, the company logo is printed on the pendant box. The production process of the logo can be selected from silk screen printing, bronzing, laser, pad printing, etc., and the high-end logo shape can be customized. Just looking at the shape makes people feel the brand's heart. Of course, the choice of material for the pendant box is also very important. The material is selected with texture, delicate touch, and good high-end materials, such as flocking texture, or wooden packaging boxes are good, ordinary materials are mainly worried about presentation The effect is not very good. Then there can be simple patterns and words on the pendant box, but it must be simple. After all, the packaging box of jewelry pendants is not a New Year's product, so you can't use fancy patterns to avoid being complicated and losing the taste and high-end feeling.


How to choose a jewelry pendant box?


What is the wholesale price of jewelry pendant boxes?

Most jewelry pendant boxes are actually customized and wholesaled directly to manufacturers, so what is the wholesale price of such pendant boxes?


It is necessary to know what kind of packaging boxes and materials are needed by customers because there are many types of pendant packaging boxes, some may be wooden structure packaging boxes, some are linen flannel type packaging boxes, or some The pendant packaging box is made of leather, so you need to know the style and box type of the pendant packaging box so that you can better judge the wholesale price of a pendant packaging box. Next, you need to know whether the packaging box needs to have a custom logo and creative pattern design. Basically, the small or big light luxury pendant brands will print the company logo on the packaging box, and a few will add appropriate pattern design, but most of them are based on Simplicity is the main thing, which can show the high-end texture of the whole box. If it is too fancy, it will reduce its taste. Next, we need to find out what the wholesale quantity is. If there are many wholesale boxes, the unit price will be low, and if the wholesale quantity is small, the starting price must be high.

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