What process and materials are used for custom jewelry packaging boxes?

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  • December 09, 2022

Jewelry is not only expensive, but the cost of materials and accessories used to package jewelry is also relatively high. Customized jewelry packaging boxes require exquisite craftsmanship, ingenious designs, and unique development and manufacturing methods. Jewelry packaging boxes are conveying luxurious life, delicacy, and excellent quality to users all the time.


Why Choose Custom Jewelry Packaging Boxes?

Customized jewelry packaging boxes can enhance the shopping experience of consumers. Whether it is a good unpacking experience or the texture of holding it in hand, it can be realized according to customers' needs. The entire design element of the jewelry packaging box, including packaging size, shape, material, and printing effect. Packaging designers can create a unique response among consumers by using high-quality packaging materials and custom textures. Custom typographic effects create a multi-sensory experience that conveys the luxury and exclusivity of the product packaging.


Jewelry packaging can trigger a higher level of consumer interest through materials. Regardless of the brand, it's packaging, promotional materials, advertising campaigns and any other type of consumer-facing marketing must reflect a higher standard by elevating the exclusivity of brand packaging and product packaging.


custom jewelry packaging boxes


High-quality packaging materials are a must for custom jewelry packaging boxes

Jewelry packaging boxes usually use high-quality materials for packaging customization. In terms of material quality and branding, luxury packaging materials such as velvet cloth and leather may seem very attractive, but they may not be ideal for the budget of the procurement and procurement department. Exorbitant prices cost too high.


How to achieve the look and feel of these luxury materials without adding cost?

Unique paper - specialty paper (art paper), uniqueness is the essence of elegance. There are tens of thousands of types of paper, and the most common ones in the market are kraft paper, coated paper, cardboard, and corrugated paper...Why are these few sheets the most common? The direct reason is price and printing. On jewelry packaging boxes and handbags, you rarely see fancy printing patterns, most of them are made of solid colors and logos. Minimal but not simple.


Their materials are very thick and beautiful in color, and the paper will not burst when it is split. Because the color of the material itself is like this, from the inner pulp to the outer color, the whole body is integrated and completely consistent. It's not printed. They come in large enough quantities that the color of the paper can be customized. So what if other brands want to use this method to produce, without enough support, the only solution is to choose a special report with stock colors.


custom jewelry packaging boxes


Custom Jewelry Packaging Appearance


If you don't have a very good designer, please don't do a lot of pattern design. Color matching is a big science and requires years of accumulation. Once the matching is not good, the effect of the physical presence will be very poor. The visual effect on the computer cannot be used to test the physical effect. What physical packaging can achieve can only be as close to the computer effect as possible. As for how to approach it, it depends entirely on the level of the jewelry packaging manufacturer.


The unfamiliar yet familiar jewelry packaging process

You may have encountered many of the techniques used in jewelry packaging more or less. Just can't name it. It mainly includes printing (full-page printing, four-color printing), and hot stamping, hot stamping can be hot stamped in various colors, I met a customer before who asked me how the logo was ironed into silver. Embossing gives texture to the paper. Hit convex, concave, and UV, so that the logo has a translucent effect. The function of the process is to achieve the packaging effect, not to use this process. Use whichever one works best.


The above is the relevant process and materials for custom jewelry packaging boxes. We are a professional jewelry packaging factory. If you need custom jewelry packaging boxes, please contact us.

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