Features of Jewelry Drawstring Bags in Different Materials

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  • February 27, 2023

Jewelry drawstring bags are both beautiful and practical, and can well protect your jewelry from damage. There are many kinds of materials for jewelry drawstring bags. Different materials have different prices and textures. Let’s learn about jewelry drawstring bags made of different materials.


1. Cotton linen jewelry drawstring bag

A cotton linen jewelry drawstring bag is a woven fabric made of cotton yarn. The concept of cotton cloth is very broad. It can be said that the raw materials of any enterprise are produced with cotton yarn fabric, which can be called cotton cloth. But from the perspective of daily life, it is generally believed that cotton cloth is made of single-strand fine cotton yarn, which is soft, hygroscopic, breathable, and warm, but its disadvantage is that it is easy to shrink and wrinkle. There are many kinds of cotton and linen, such as plain weave, poplin, linen, twill, tweed, velvet, corduroy, and so on. Cotton linen is a necessity in people's daily studies and life. It is widely used in various management aspects such as clothing, bedding, indoor products, interior design and decoration, packaging, industry, medical treatment, and military affairs.


(1) The flax used in the cotton sack is a spread made by researching flax, ramie, jute, sisal, banana, and various other hemp plants. Research on the market development of products mainly made of linen has an important feature of being very breathable and refreshing, softer, safer, more comfortable, washable, sun-resistant, anti-corrosion, and antibacterial. Generally, it can be used to make jewelry drawstring bags, casual wear, and work wear. It can also be used to design and produce corporate environmental protection product packaging, fashion handbags, crafts as gifts, food and exquisite small sacks, pet medical supplies, craft calligraphy and painting, and construction engineering decoration. , Shop decoration, hardware packaging bags, environmentally friendly material products, craft shoes and hats, exquisite tags, foreign ship supplies, etc.


Features of Jewelry Drawstring Bags in Different Materials


(2) It has the advantages of high strength, moisture absorption, heat conduction, and good air permeability. When washing cotton bags, do not use boiling water, use warm or cold water; use a system cleaning agent, do not soak for a long time, soak for a short time and then rub gently to wash, linen fabrics should be cleaned in time, and do not fade due to long-term living together. Do not wash with another cotton.


(3) Flatten the working surface and dry it. It cannot be twisted or wrinkled. It cannot be directly exposed to the sun. For some yellowing phenomena, it should be picked up in time after drying. The ironing temperature of cotton and linen bales should not be too high, which will damage the internal structure and cause damage to the fabric. It is best to cover it with a layer of white cloth when ironing, so as to maintain the bright color.


(4) Different colors should be distinguished when washing. When washing, we have developed some non-fading black linen. You can add a little espresso or coffee to the water to wash out the solid light of the linen, such as colored cotton sacks. After washing, you can Add a couple of beers to the rinse water to brighten up faded linens. The disadvantage is that it is not very comfortable to wear, and the appearance is rough and stiff.


2. Canvas bag

Canvas is a kind of thick cotton or linen fabric that can be studied through analysis and comparison. Most of the standard yarns of the canvas are thicker than ordinary cotton yarns. As early as the eighth century, Europeans set sail and named it "canvas". As far as domestic enterprises are concerned, because hemp raw materials are relatively scarce, we generally think that cotton is used as raw material, so the development of canvas can be said to be a product in a large field such as cotton cloth. The biggest difference between canvas and cotton is that the warp and weft of the canvas are 2 or more strands, while cotton is a single strand. This can also lead to the analysis and comparison of the appearance design of canvas with the roughness and fineness of cotton cloth. In addition, the canvas is usually woven in plain weave, and twill weave is rarely used, which also brings convenience to distinguish canvas from cotton. Because the canvas we use is woven with multi-strand threads, we can choose a firm texture, that is wear-resistant, compact, and thick, and the development of canvas material has the characteristics of China's very strong, strong, and good waterproof engineering technology, so the canvas is widely used. Research methods are applied to a cloth bags, Clothing, footwear, automobile company enterprise logistics transportation, luggage, and other occupations.


Due to the wide range of uses of cotton linen bags and canvas bags, the two fabrics have many advantages, can be reused, and have many textures. Most of them are very delicate and smooth, and the printing and imaging effects are very good. It's also easier to clean, doesn't lose its shape after washing, and is much stronger than non-woven fabrics.


3. Velvet drawstring bag

The velvet bag is a storage container made of flannel material. Any bagged container made of velvet material is called a velvet bag, which is a cloth container used to hold items and is a kind of environmental protection bag.


The characteristics of the velvet bag are:

(1) Good practical performance. The velvet bag material can withstand various printing processes such as silkscreen, hot stamping, silver hot stamping, embroidery, heat transfer printing, etc. It can print various patterns and texts on the bag surface to enrich the product content and make the appearance of the product suitable for the application.

(2) Lightweight and portable. The flannelette itself is light in material, and the sewn cloth bag is light in weight; it adopts a drawstring closing method, which is flexible, convenient, compact, and exquisite.

(3) The velvet bag is soft to the touch. High flexibility and abrasion resistance, durable.

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