Customize and design jewelry boxes to make your products sell well

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  • February 21, 2023

Jewelry box packaging is not just about packing jewelry, but covering visual and psychological packaging, in order to expect the visual and psychological recognition of consumers. The jewelry packaging box must match the product quality, so as to complement each other and establish brand value. A successful product jewelry box packaging itself is a very good best-selling weapon.


1. Attract the attention of consumers and increase the visual impact of customers. All ideas should be guided by shelf display, and all occasions where products appear are regarded as shelves, and thinking should be aimed at attracting consumers' attention. Continue to emit signals to form a strong shelf advantage.


2. Cognition, effective information is transmitted
The jewelry packaging box carries the reasons for purchase, attracts consumers to actively read through the jewelry box packaging, and sends purchase instructions with the help of the sales system. Jewelry box packaging is an effective marketing tool and one of the important ways of product promotion.


3. Recognize and resonate with value propositions
The key selling points of the product are highlighted and repeated continuously, allowing users to remember and generate a sense of identity, dispel consumers' purchase concerns, and increase credibility.


4. Like, attracted by the appearance
Appearance and interaction coexist to create a surprising experience. All good jewelry box packaging not only considers the single aesthetic of vision but also pays attention to the interaction of gift box packaging so that the reason for buying is magnified.


Jewelry box packaging


Six aspects should be considered in the design and production of jewelry boxes


The jewelry packaging box is the "coat" of a gift. People rely on clothing and beautiful clothing. Exquisite gifts also need a suitable gift packaging box to set off. When people visit the gift shop, the outer packaging box of the gift is also a highlight that attracts them. Therefore, the packaging design of gifts must be eye-catching and practical. The design and production of gift boxes is a delicate work. Qinling Gift Box Packaging will discuss with you the six aspects that should be paid attention to in the design and production of gift boxes.


1. The jewelry box should be safe and practical

Safety should be the number one priority in any product. When designing the packaging of exquisite gifts, the safety and practical issues of storage, transportation, exhibition, carrying, and use should be considered according to the attributes of the packaged gifts. The packaging of different gifts may require different packaging materials, which need to be determined according to both the packaging material and the attributes of the gift. In particular, attention should be paid to the moisture-proof, shock-proof, pressure-proof, and leak-proof gift to ensure that the gift is safe under any circumstances. intact.


2. Jewelry box packaging should be humanized

Gift packaging design must adapt to the storage, transportation, exhibition, and sales of gifts, as well as the carrying and opening of consumers. For this reason, when designing a gift box, it is necessary to make the proportion of the box structure reasonable, the structure rigorous, and the shape exquisite, focusing on the beauty of the shape and material of the box, the beauty of contrast and coordination, the beauty of rhythm and rhythm, and strive to achieve the beauty of the gift box. The type structure has complete functions and an exquisite appearance, so it is suitable for production, sales and even use. Common gift box structures mainly include handbag type, hanging type, open type, window type, closed type, or a combination of several forms.


3. Jewelry box production

After considering the design aspects of the jewelry packaging box, it can be put into production. At this time, the production side also needs to consider whether the design can achieve accuracy, speed, mass production, cost, etc., and whether it can help workers quickly and accurately process shape, Issues such as loading and sealing should be considered.


4. The jewelry box should have a promotional function

Jewelry packaging boxes can play a role in the promotion and promotion of a gift. Jewelry packaging boxes should be able to attract the attention of consumers and arouse the desire to buy. They should also fully display the gifts to reduce consumers' suspicion of the inner gifts. It is a good choice to use transparent skylight packaging boxes, which can also satisfy consumers. Psychological needs of humanization.


5. Environmental protection and no pollution

Environmental protection is an issue that must be considered for every product. While considering the beauty and practicality of jewelry packaging boxes, environmental issues should also be considered. Only commodity gift boxes that do not damage people's health and do not pollute the environment can become the choice of consumers.


6. Artistic

Commodities with high artistic value are more likely to attract the attention of consumers, bring beauty to people, and win the favor of consumers. While paying attention to the appearance, we should also pay attention to the content. The focus of the packaging design is to carry out derivative design around the product, so the characteristics of the gift should be highlighted from the packaging, and this characteristic should be conveyed to consumers through the form of art.

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