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Why do wholesale necklace boxes sometimes do slower?

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  • Jimmy at
  • November 21, 2019

Do you find that when you are looking for a necklace factory to make a necklace, it often takes a long time. The necklace box is different from other boxes. It takes less than a month to wholesale the necklace box. Does it feel incredible? What? Let's take a closer look.


wholesale necklace boxes


The main reason is that the box of the necklace box factory has been made, and the Neto is still on the road of production. In many cases, especially the internal support has been modified several times, for example, the height is raised, or part of it is cut off, and the rework will be Extend the construction period, and there are also some decorative techniques such as flocking, and a set of crafts, so basically the production time of the internal support itself is slower than that of the box.


Why do wholesale necklace boxes sometimes do slower?


Some necklace box factory have to wait for the internal support, and then start to calculate the size of the box, etc., because this is waiting for the most accurate value, in the case of sufficient time, this is an effective way to ensure quality, It is also a method often used when wholesale necklace boxes.