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What is the specific process of custom jewelry packaging box?

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  • May 22, 2019

With the strengthening of brand promotion by major jewelers, custom jewelry packaging box has become an important part of brand packaging.So, in the process of custom jewelry packaging box, every detail is what?


custom jewelry packaging box


1. Selection of materials for customized jewelry packaging boxes
Jewelry packaging box material has leather, PU, leather, acrylic, wooden, plastic box, etc., here according to the actual needs and economic budget to decide.

2. Design and manufacture of molds
If you want to make a beautiful and fashionable jewelry packaging box, you must have a professional design team to design, but also need to have qualified embossing mold, mold design and manufacturing is a very important link.

3. Professional processing of embossing of jewelry packaging boxes
Embossing is an important part in the process of customized jewelry packaging box, and it is also the core part of the production of jewelry packaging box logo. It is a form of cold stamping processing. The embossing of jewelry packaging box is carried out in a constant temperature studio with air purification.


custom jewelry packaging box based on the brand factory


No matter what kind of packaging is used, it should be used according to the theme of different material boxes to express the artistic value of different jewelry boxes.





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