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What should we pay attention to when making custom jewellery boxes?

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  • May 21, 2019

All jewelry boxes have inner inserts, which are required for lining except some special products.Therefore, it is also very important to customize the custom jewellery boxes. What should we pay attention to when making the custom jewellery boxes?


          What should we pay attention to when making custom jewellery boxes?


The first is the selection of materials, must choose suitable for the product.The second is in the size of the control, we must ensure that the product can be fixed and with the packaging.


making custom jewellery boxes


Commonly used insets of custom jewellery boxes include paper holder, Eva, sponge, pearl cotton and blister, each of which has its own characteristics.According to the characteristics of different products with the requirements of the price of comprehensive choice, first to ensure the safety of the product is the second price.Especially in the size of the control, in order to hold a product must have the force of extrusion.Therefore, the slot of the custom jewellery boxes must be a little smaller than the size of the products, and the specific size should be determined according to the different materials and the weight of the products.General jewelry box custom manufacturers will require customers to send products, and then according to the specific manufacturers to control, so there will be no mistakes.


The above is the production process of the customized jewellery boxes which should be paid attention to. I hope it can solve your doubts.



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