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4 materials commonly used in jewelry packaging boxes

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  • May 25, 2019

For different brand positioning, the material used for jewelry packaging boxes is also different, especially as the market competition is becoming more and more fierce. Both jewelers and jewelry packaging boxes wholesalers have certain requirements on the material and workmanship.Today, I mainly introduce 4 materials commonly used in jewelry packaging boxes.


4 materials commonly used in jewelry packaging boxes


1. Paper jewelry packaging box
Generally, paper embryo 1200g, outsourcing special paper, or other paper materials are used, with low production cost and suitable for batch production. We can also make jewelry jewelry boxes with high aesthetics according to the designed patterns.


2. Flocking jewelry box
Flocking jewelry box is mainly constructed of plastic, with flocking on the surface. It looks beautiful and looks high-grade, and the cost is not too high. Generally, silver jewelry and gold are used this way.


jewelry packaging boxes wholesale


3.Glial jewelry box
Blank body is plastic mold, outsourcing paper or PU leather, the cost is not high, often used by middle end customers.


4.Wooden jewelry box
Solid wood jewelry box belongs to the high-end, generally solid wood as the main material, spray paint treatment, the price is expensive, long production cycle.


Custom jewelry packaging boxes


The above are 4 commonly used jewelry packaging boxes. If you want to customize jewelry boxes, please contact us and tell us your needs.



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