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What is the design method of jewelry box packaging?

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  • May 26, 2019

Jewelry box manufacturers pay special attention to the design style of jewelry box packaging and have various styles, from simple folk packaging to avant-garde modern creative packaging.Even the same jewelry packaging box, will be designed to be rough or delicate bipolar style.Can design from the different respect such as size, length, width.


What is the design method of jewelry box packaging?


When designing jewelry box packaging, jewelry manufacturers often use deformation, extrusion, stacking, decoration and other methods to deal with it. A fine jewelry box packaging can be reflected in style, style, graphics, color, text, material and other aspects.


Of course, on the concept of traditional jewelry box packaging, it will also be impacted by modern consumers. From the aspect of appearance, modern jewelry box packaging is full of strong individuality and diversification, including all-inclusive, transparent, complicated, simple, extensive, narrow and long, layered and so on.


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In terms of materials, the design of jewelry box packaging also presents obvious diversity and richness, which are mainly reflected in the types of raw materials, morphological structure, texture and combination comparison of the materials.Some jewelry box packaging designers also creatively use deformation, hollowing and combination to enrich the appearance of materials, endow them with new images and emphasize the aesthetic value of material design.



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