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Nine characteristics of jewelry package design.

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  • August 27, 2018

"Quantity" As the first principle of jewelry package design, "quantity" naturally has its important significance. That is to say, the volume of the product must be sensed to attract the attention and interest of the customer. At the same time, the jewelry package design is also an important condition for the vivid image of the store.

When "concentrated" jewelry package design, the same category of goods should be concentrated in the adjacent or location. It makes it easier for customers to find the brand or variety they need in a centralized category.

jewelry package design


"Easy" Easy to take and easy to restore is one of the conditions of a good jewelry package design. Because even if it is beautiful, the atmosphere of the jewelry package design, if it is inconvenient to take, or take it back is extremely troublesome, increase the time of picking and releasing goods. Then the good-looking display can not promote sales.

“Qi” means that when the goods are in the jewelry package design, try to ensure that a brand or series of products can be fully furnished and placed at the same time, so that customers can have more choices, and they can also be neat and beautiful in placement. effect.

jewelry package design


"Jie" hygiene and tidyness are a requirement of customers for the display of goods and even the entire store environment. The clerk should clean up the hygiene of the goods and counters in time while displaying the goods, and wipe the dust on the goods in time to reflect the freshness of the goods.

"Lian" many products are related in the minds of customers. When a customer buys a certain product, he will need the related products to be matched or carefully arranged by the clerk. He will find that he bought a product and added a product. It would be a good match, so the associated jewelry package design is necessary.

“Time” has achieved the maximum marketing effect by appropriately adding relevant elements according to the event or festival.

jewelry package design


"Bright" means that when the jewelry package design, considering the light, visual effects, provide sufficient brightness to ensure that the goods are easy to see.

"Color" Many customers are impulsive purchases at the store, and the factors that cause customers to purchase desires are not only the price, variety, volume, etc., but the aesthetic and visual impact of the jewelry package design is also one of the important factors.

Jewelry package design is an important part of jewelry store or franchise cabinet. The beautiful jewelry package design can not only capture the customer's sight, but also firmly grasp the customer's heart. Any merchant will not ignore the jewelry package design and Arrangement.


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