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Jewelry package design Six principles do you know how much?

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  • August 28, 2018

The six principles of jewelry package design are: practical principle, commercial principle, convenience principle, artistic principle, environmental protection principle, and connotation principle. Commonly used are practicality, convenience, artistry and environmental protection.

jewelry package design

Jewelry package design
The principle of practicability is based on consumers and creates the best results at a lower cost.
Different packaging materials that different jewelry may need, in the jewelry package design, the first consideration of jewelry carrying and use and other issues, how to make the carrying more convenient, better product protection, comfortable shape, this is the original intention of the designer.

Convenience principle
The principle of convenience improves efficiency while at the same time facilitating consumer use and saving consumers time.
It is mainly reflected in the packaging shape of the jewelry, such as when carrying, holding, holding, or carrying jewelry, it will produce a certain sense of comfort and lightness.

Artistic principle
The artistic principle is to use the combination of technical beauty and form beauty, and has a strong artistic appeal.
The artistic principle of jewelry package design is reflected in the shape, color, text and other parts of the package. The unique packaging shape and beautiful packaging color are all aimed at improving consumers' desire to purchase.

jewelry package design

Environmental principle
The principle of environmental protection is a package that promotes sustainable development, which is not only harmless to the human body, but also does not pollute the environment.
The current jewelry package design promotes green renewable materials and uses recycled natural materials.

Commercial principle
The principle of commerciality is for the purpose of making profits, pursuing strange shapes, shocking slogans, and prominent color matching on jewelry package design to attract consumers to purchase.
Since the packaging is attached to the jewelry, the jewelry itself cannot be directly displayed, so the characteristics, function and quality of the product can be realized by the jewelry package design. How to quickly and directly cause consumers to purchase is the jewelry brand has been optimizing.


jewelry package design

Intensional principle

The principle of connotation is to enhance consumers' perception and understanding of commodities, and to have a deeper understanding of the brand's positioning, development and future.
Excavating the regional culture, product characteristics and brand culture of goods to carry out reasonable jewelry package design can enhance consumers' trust in goods and establish good brand awareness.

A good jewelry package design needs to be compatible with these six points. Among them, practicality, convenience, artistry and environmental protection are the top priorities. How to choose between them is a test of a designer's problem.



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