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How much do you know about the visual effects of jewelry packaging design?

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  • August 29, 2018

Jewelry packaging design is a comprehensive art. The experience goes from simple to prosperous development, as well as visual language such as styling, pattern, color, and text, so as to adapt to the characteristics of commodities more scientifically and rationally, conform to the laws of the market, and enhance the relationship between goods and consumers. Meet consumer requirements to promote the sale of goods. This article mainly describes the visual impression of the jewelry packaging design color.

Visual impression of jewelry packaging design

The weight of the color of the jewelry packaging design can also reflect the psychological feelings of the goods to consumers. The color with low brightness and warm color gives people a heavy feeling, while the same kind of brightness and high purity will give people a sense of relaxation, but these relatively cool and light sensations will be slightly inferior.

jewelry packaging design

Visual impression of jewelry packaging design

Jewelry packaging design not only material, the shape can highlight the gorgeous feeling of the goods. Through the color purity and the brighter color class to enhance the gorgeous sense of the goods, at the same time, the color of the color will play a certain role, the color is more gorgeous; on the contrary, it seems simple.

Visual impression of jewelry packaging design - elegant

Color is symbolic and emotional in the jewelry packaging design, which can not only convey the characteristics of the goods, but also resonate with the emotions of consumers. The most vivid and sensitive visual element of the product. Common elegant colors are black, gray, etc., which are less saturated and more stable.

jewelry packaging design


Excellent jewelry packaging design, its main color is easy to attract the attention of consumers, through color to guide consumers to associate with the subtleties of jewelry, thereby creating a desire to purchase, while playing the role of brand promotion, deepen the brand impression. Color is not only to beautify the role of jewelry packaging design, but also to stimulate the customer's psychology, giving people different psychological feelings, through these psychological experience to promote bone consumption desire. What kind of jewelry packaging design do you think is enough to attract you?




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