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10 seasonal jewelry packaging techniques in the fall season.

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  • October 09, 2018

Unique jewelry packaging is actually a kind of visual marketing technique. It relies on different display spaces and uses various props, artworks and ornaments to combine culture, art, taste, fashion and personality on the basis of product style positioning. Fully express the functionality, features, style or sales activity theme of the product through various display techniques. The perfect unique jewelry packaging can often make consumers unforgettable, impressed, and stimulate their consumption, create brand influence and spread brand culture.

10 seasonal jewelry packaging techniques in the fall season

Unique jewelry packaging

1, with the counter as the basic display

High-value goods that require a small space to set off the beauty are displayed on the counter as much as possible.

2, vertical matrix display

Unique jewelry packaging Due to the limited size of the store, it is necessary to minimize the display area of ​​the product in the horizontal direction. In the case where the characteristics of the goods permit, the "vertical display" method should be used as much as possible to effectively utilize the "vertical space" of the store.

3, volume display rules

Unique jewelry packaging on the small and big, the upper and lower weight; left small right, big left and right weight; the heavy, big goods are placed below, small, light goods placed on it. This visual focus is below, in line with people's aesthetic habits.

4, color display rules

Left shallow and deep, shallow and deep; left cold right warm, cold right warm, excessive ladder.

5, the main push product priority

Unique jewelry packaging Different products have different competitiveness and different profit levels. Therefore, each stage store should have a purpose to choose the main product promotion. In order to ensure the sale of the main push model, the display of the main push model must be kept at a position and height (parallel to the line of sight) that the customer can easily see.

Unique jewelry packaging

6, the display is full

To make the product full of display cases (shelves), increase the fullness and visibility of the product display. As the saying goes, "the goods sell in the mountains," consumers generally think that the goods must be best sellers, fresh.

7, image display

Unique jewelry packaging, should try to show its best image with the help of equipment. For example, the bracelet can be displayed with the display stick and the display ring; the model can also be used to display the bracelet, the foot chain, the waist, etc.

8, joint display

Small accessories can be displayed jointly with the neighboring stores or related stores, or these goods can be handed over to these related stores for sale.

9, the price gradient

The left is cheaper and cheaper. In order to facilitate the comparison of the similarities between the products, in order to facilitate the comparison of the products, the products should be transitioned from high to low in order to facilitate comparison and selection.

10. Regular adjustment rules

Jewelry is a product closely related to fashion, and unique jewelry packaging should also show change and vitality like fashion.

Quoting a classic French business slang: Even fruits and vegetables should be displayed like still life paintings, because the beauty of the goods can cause consumers to buy. How to create the greatest benefit in the fall, unique jewelry packaging is an indispensable subject.




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