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Unique paper jewelry packaging can not ignore the prop shape and lighting.

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  • October 10, 2018

When you walk into the jewelry store, do you pay attention to which counters will attract your attention in the first time? In fact, the small details of the color and jewelry of jewelry items are greatly affecting the sales performance of the store and counter. Unique paper jewelry packaging also needs to be adjusted according to the jewelry franchise of each store. For example, diamonds and jadeite stores should consider the privacy of customer purchases. For example, consider setting up a foyer at the entrance. Entering the entrance hall, there will be some promotional products placed on the right side, which can meet the needs of people of all levels at the first time.

Unique paper jewelry packaging

Lighting is also the highlight of Unique paper jewelry packaging. In addition to the special attention paid to the jewellery props, Unique paper jewelry packaging needs to be accurate. At present, many jewelry stores are still lacking in lighting, so the goods that customers see at first sight deviate from their actual situation. In general, all types of goods should be chosen to suit their own lighting. Because the natural light inside the jewelry store is insufficient, the placement of the illumination lamp can enhance the brightness of the jewelry itself, which is the most important step in the Unique paper jewelry packaging. Since the color temperature is fixed, the brightness can be adjusted according to the goods of different counters.

Unique paper jewelry packaging

If you compare the Unique paper jewelry packaging to a national meal, then only the best meal for the customer is the best packaging.



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