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Jewelry box covers with different structures are more attractive to customers

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  • February 10, 2019

We all know that there are many kinds of jewelry boxes, and the jewelry box cover also has many structures. This article mainly introduces the cover of the heaven and earth jewelry box. The jewelry box of this structure is composed of two parts, the sky cover and the ground cover. It is the most common in daily life. One of the box types. Attentive people can easily find that there are several different ways to make such a simple cover box, and this different structure of the heaven and earth cover box will bring you different surprises from the visual and tactile sense. Below, the jewelry box manufacturer shares the different jewelry box covers for you.


jewelry box manufacturer shares the different jewelry box covers


A cover of the heaven and earth cover jewelry box. The feature of this package is that the upper cover is straight to the bottom and the entire cover is closed, and the heights of the two covers are the same. This kind of packaging is resistant to stress and can fully protect the goods and can hold valuable products such as jewelry. Due to its high sealing, the disadvantages of this type of hard case are also obvious, requiring a little bit of force when opening. If some businesses have strict requirements on the opening time of the package, this type of box needs to be carefully considered. So as not to affect the customer's behavior to give up further understanding of the product due to long time to open.


jewelry packaging box, jewelry box manufacturer

A jewellery box with a rimmed world. The most obvious feature of this type of box is the middle band. In terms of construction, there is a high-level part inside the lower cover. After the upper cover is covered, the upper part divides the height of the whole box into two. Give people a sense of hierarchy. Avoid the monotony of the cover. The box on the box, this exposed design, if designed exquisitely, high-end, can fully evoke the curiosity of consumers. The first time customers who know the product, once they see this package, there is a way to uncover it and want to see what is the sacred impulse inside. Therefore, the design of this exposed part is also very particular, what color is used, and which process is used. Generally, you should choose the color and craftsmanship of the products inside, such as the yellow outer box, the red color can be selected for the circumference. The gray cosmetic case, the upper part of the lower cover can be selected with hot silver to show the difference, and highlight the high-end quality.


Custom jewelry packaging


A jewellery box with a top cover that is smaller than the bottom cover. This box type features a cover that covers the lower cover and does not have a cover. This type of packaging makes up for the difficulty of opening a cover.


Well, the above is what the jewelry box manufacturer shared with you. If you are interested in our content, please visit other articles, or contact us.



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