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How to ensure that the jewelry box is “completely complete” ?

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  • February 02, 2019

At present, many jewellery box manufacturers on the market will make the small box small and exquisite. Although the box is small but complete, although a jewelry box does not have so many structures, it is a lot of details and process features of the hardcover gift box. The boxes are all available, so today jewellery box manufacturers Boyang will share the details of the operation of several drawer boxes.


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Here we must first tell you whether it is a jewelry box or a gift box, their structure is composed of paper and cardboard, these cardboards are strictly in accordance with the requirements of the hardcover gift box to be customized, by the jewellery box manufacturers The cardboard processed by the beer mouth process is used to pick up the cardboard and the paper by hand or mechanically. However, it should be noted that these delicate small boxes generally have 3 layers instead of the ones mentioned above. A layer of paper, thinking that a layer of surface paper can only wrap the outer part of the box, the inside of the box can not be wrapped, then the uncovered cardboard will be revealed, these cardboards will not reach the gift box The standard is correct, so you need to add another layer of crepe paper to cover the bottom of the paper, and cover the bottom part of the cardboard to make the whole box look uniform and full of color.



In addition to the carton carton board, in fact, the small box can also be placed inside the inside, which can get some EVA or sponge in the flocking, as long as the thickness of the small box is accurate enough to be Add a Neto inside to increase its added value.


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