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The jewellery box manufacturers carefully regulated the liquidity of the inks

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  • January 17, 2019

Many current packaging plant in the printing process of printing ink to control actually isn't particularly serious, but the factory is not so simple, such as jewellery box manufacturers easily pass every detail, because the ink inside knowledge very much, today dapao packing took everyone know about the ink liquidity is going on, he has what kind of impact on the jewellery box manufacturers products role in it.


jewellery box manufacturers


Ink liquidity is importance for jewellery box manufacturers is very important, because if he ink liquidity is too high will make printing machine network is increased to match the properties of the finished printing itself, but at the same time he printed products size increases, so thick ink layer will become no before, after the ink layer thinner after the pigment content inside this time also reduces the physical phenomenon of diffuse will increase, lead to bright dark, not so bright.


jewellery box manufacturers


But on the contrary if jewellery box manufacturers to reduce or ink liquidity enrichment would literally on the brightness of the product is very effective, because of less diffuse, specular reflection will be more outstanding, but ink liquidity is not high, it is not easy to transfer under such circumstances of printing ink is not good, the cost and the working efficiency will be greatly reduced, so it is not a good idea.





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