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Custom watch box, different internal to bring you a different visual enjoyment and functional effect

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  • January 20, 2019

In order to protect the watch, highlight the quality of the watch, increase the appearance level of the watch, and improve the value of the watch, we usually ask the packaging and printing factory to add an inner liner into the box when we use the Custom watch box.There are a variety of materials for packing lining.For example, EVA lining, sponge lining, plastic lining, paper lining, flannelette, cloth and so on.Different materials of the inner support, in the sense to bring us different visual enjoyment, in the function is also different.


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EVA internal support is the most commonly used lining material, because it has corrosion resistance, aging resistance, rust resistance, tasteless, wear resistance, scratches, light density, easy moisture absorption, and a variety of color options, etc. The protection performance of the Custom watch box is very good.On the vision it appears to be relatively hale and hearty, a watch is placed among them, as if is worn firmly, won't drop easily.

Sponge lining, with soft, anti-extrusion, resilient, shockproof effect is good, the cost of the sponge is low, and the processing is very simple and other characteristics, is widely used by high-end watch businesses.Visually, it has many holes, there is a full of stars sparkling effect, which can be a good background to the noble watch.


jewelry packaging box factory


Plastic lining is not soft, the advantage is good stability, anti-extrusion, not easy to deformation, plastic lining is not often used in watch packaging, because its shockproof effect is not as good as sponge and EVA, it is often used in food packaging, such as chocolate packaging, moon cake packaging.The Custom watch box plastic lining is often used with silk, which has a high gloss to add texture to the packaging.


Flannelette, stereoscopic feeling is strong, glossiness is tall, feel soft thick solid, the sort has velveteen, velvet, the cent with flock flannelette.A high-grade watch box with flannelette lining, the fashion sense and noble style of the watch will be presented immediately.Even if you don't like the watch, will also be the gentle flannelette attracted.


Tinted cloth, give a person the first impression is very smooth, brightness is good, have intense burnish feeling.Color dinette is a comfortable, modern, artistic in one of the fabrics, color dinette high-end watch box with its unique attractive charm, attracting many love table consumers stop, let them can not help but pay for the product.


Custom watch box contributes a lot to the improvement of product value.If you want to watch in the fierce competition, in addition to do a good job in packaging design, packaging printing, but also need to do a good job in the choice of materials.



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