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How to select colors in the design of custom jewellery boxes

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  • February 12, 2019

A market survey in the UK shows that when customers choose products, the products they buy usually exceed about 45% of the budget due to the attraction of exquisite boxes, which shows the charm of the design of custom jewellery boxes.Color is the visual information symbol which is the most sensitive and the fastest response to visual stimulation among the visual elements of human body.Color plays a decisive role in the design of custom jewellery boxes.Boyang Packaging tells you the influence of color on the design of commodity Packaging boxes and how to choose color for the design of product Packaging boxes.



          custom jewellery boxes


First of all, the classification of custom jewellery boxes colors: colors can be divided into four categories: primary color, intermediate color, compound color and complementary color.Its three elements include hue, purity and brightness.Various elements have different attributes and meanings.Hue refers to the features and differences of colors.The basic hue includes red, orange, yellow, green, green, blue, and purple, whose wavelengths are different, and the retinas are affected by different colors. The wavelengths of red, orange, and yellow light are larger and have a strong impact on people's vision, while the wavelengths of blue, green, and purple light are smaller and have a weak impact.Hue can reflect the inherent color of things and the sense of temperature.Purity is the qualitative index of color quality.Lightness is the amount of light that stimulates the eye.Face different colour, the person can produce changes in temperature, light and shade, weight, strong and weak, far and near, distend shrink wait for different psychology reaction.


Secondly, the color design of the custom jewellery boxes should match the attributes of the commodities: the color design should enable consumers to associate the characteristics and performance of the commodities.What need to emphasize is, no matter what color, should be with cooperate commodity content is basic jumoff place.According to the color of the box, consumers can think of the goods in the package.For example, green tea boxes can reflect green tea such as biluochun, red tea boxes can reflect black tea.If this convention is violated, consumers may be misled, which is not conducive to the sales of goods.The application of image color should follow the principle of appropriate and vivid image.


How to select colors in the design of custom jewellery boxes


Finally, how to use the color of custom jewellery boxes? Generally speaking, the red color symbolizes enthusiasm, enthusiasm and unrestrained, which is mostly used in cosmetics and food.Blue attune is halcyon, cool, calm, can be used at swimsuit, aquatic sports appliance, cold drink, the vest of summer, fan, freezer, will blue attune is used at hardware machinery, electric equipment also can give a person with pure and fresh sense, in addition, the sanitation thing of the hospital also can use blue attune;Purple tone noble, elegant, mysterious, often used in high-end cosmetics, jewelry, gifts;Yellow attune is happy, lively, rich, use wrapping textile, can make person times times warmth.However, it needs to be pointed out that the use of image color is not rigid imprisonment, hidebatized, if can adapt measures to local conditions, flexible innovation, may rebound pipa out of new ideas, received surprise good effect.For example, the use of blue packaging moon cake food, so that consumers think of the beauty of the Mid-Autumn moon, thus germinating the desire to buy and eat moon cakes.


In the final analysis, the custom jewellery boxes should be able to meet the aesthetic needs of consumers and express their emotional aspirations.Only with colour reflect and induced the good feeling of consumer, just can arouse their buy desire.


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