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how to use lighting to make unique jewelry packaging more attractive?

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  • October 17, 2018

In jewelry stores, all kinds of unique jewelry packaging need good lighting effects to show their luxury, so how to use lighting to make unique jewelry packaging more attractive?

The lighting design of the jewelry store mainly grasps several key points:

1. Grasp the illuminance standard. (High illumination is a must for jewelry stores to attract customers)

2. Avoid glare. (The glare of the jewelry store is prone to glare in the case of high illumination)

3. Avoid artificial light damage to jewelry.

General jewelry stores are divided into several areas: window, gold display area, platinum, diamond white metal display area, jade, jade, crystal jewelry display area, image wall or poster lighting. Follow these few areas to explain to you the lighting design considerations in the jewelry store decoration design.

unique jewelry packaging

Image wall

The image wall of the jewelry store is a good part of the brand culture and connotation. Many jewelry stores have image spokespersons, and often the store will be more attractive because of the posters of these stars. So lighting in posters and image walls is also important. Pay attention to uniformity. LED modules can be used for light box lighting or embedded wide light adjustable lamps.

Window lighting design

Jewelry stores are small in size and are mostly sold in counters in shopping malls, so there are not many shops with window displays. Shops with shop windows are generally independent shops on the street, or large-brand jewelry stores in the mall, paying more attention to the unique jewelry packaging and lighting design of the window. The lighting of the window needs to have sufficient brightness, so two sets of lamps are often used for illumination, and one set is the top metal halide lamp, which provides the overall brightness and illumination of the window. In order to maintain the overall feel and beauty of the ceiling, it is recommended to use adjustable recessed luminaires. The other group can be the display fixtures on the inside of the cabinet or in the cabinet, and the jewelry window props are used for key lighting. If only the top illuminator is illuminated, the brightness of the window is sufficient, but it lacks layering and appears cluttered.

unique jewelry packaging

Platinum and diamond white metal display area

Platinum is more difficult and rarer, and its color is more noble and glamorous than gold, so its price is higher. The way of irradiating platinum is basically the same as that of gold, but it is only necessary to pay attention to the choice of color temperature. The cool white light of high color temperature can show the brilliance of platinum and diamonds.

After having a refined work lighting design, we also have to consider: a large amount of glare may cause discomfort to the eyes of consumers and affect purchase interest. According to psychologists, the glare of the lights will also have an emotional impact on the sales staff in the jewelry store, which will also affect the success rate of jewelry transactions. The luminaire designed with deep light source controls the stray light, and at the same time, it should be close to the side where the person is located to prevent indirect glare.




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