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There are 5 points to note about the custom watch box design

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  • Jimmy at
  • December 31, 2018

Now the market, for the product, the craft is its life, and the packaging box is the soul of the commodity.Custom watch box is also very important.However, relatively speaking, the packaging boxes on the market are far less beautiful in design and technology than expected. So what should be paid attention to in the design and production of custom watch box?

1. High sex
Modern gift packaging is the main carrier of gifts and a part of gift items.Accordingly, want to choose proper packaging material, structure and decorate a design, in order to reflect the nobility that gives a gift, delicate, luxuriant feeling, satisfy the psychological demand that people gives a gift.The same is true of custom watch box. Be sure to choose different types of boxes that can meet people's psychological needs.


2. The targeted

There are many kinds of modern gifts. Different occasions, time, festivals, and objects should be given different gifts. This requires that the custom watch box should be clearly targeted.

3. The uniqueness
Different gifts are produced in different regions, and each region has its own unique personality, especially the gift packaging design of some tourism commodities, but also to highlight its national, local characteristics or traditional characteristics of the region, highlight its local customs and practices, give a person a strong exotic flavor.Generally, the more personalized custom watch box is, the more popular it will be.

4. Interesting
Gifts are designed to convey the mutual feelings between people, especially for young people's gift packaging, custom watch box manufacturers must have fun, thought-provoking.Otherwise, a tasteless and joyless gift package will not be popular.

5. Novelty
Old gift packaging can be boring, lacking freshness and pleasing purpose.Especially for the high content of science and technology gifts, packaging materials, technology, design and decoration design should reflect the advanced technology.For example, the three-dimensional packaging, aseptic packaging and anti-theft packaging made by concave and convex technology can reflect the outstanding achievements of science and technology through novel and unique packaging style and reflect the superior performance of gifts.

In fact, consumers in the purchase of goods, if the price difference is not big, most people will choose to have a beautiful package of watch packaging box, because it looks atmospheric, class.



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