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How to ensure the hardness of corrugated paper with custom jewelry gift boxes?

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  • December 31, 2018

In the industry, corrugated paper is often used in the design of custom jewelry gift boxes, and how to choose the hardness of corrugated paper?Today small make up to say with you.

This problem is really troublesome, it is difficult to solve, because the carton base paper fiber is a hydrophilic material, naturally strong water absorption.Plum rain season and other wet weather, the relative humidity in the air is too high, the carton and air direct contact, will absorb water in the air, resulting in the production of corrugated carton, the whole cardboard is soft.In the face of complaints to avoid phone calls, even returns, fines, compensation, and so on, to solve the cardboard back to soft carton factory has become the top priority.

1. Moisture resistance of paper and cardboard
Original paper and corrugated paper, especially the water absorption of tile paper;Paper in the humid air exposure time for a long time, water price increases, paper transverse ring compressive strength will obviously decline, in the relative humidity of 85%, the ring compressive strength will decline by 60%.

Solution: it is recommended to use waterproof moisture-proof effect of the original paper, especially pit tile paper.To check the waterproof effect of the base paper, the surface water absorption of the base paper can be tested by a programmable device. Generally, when the surface water absorption is below 50g/m2 (60S), the waterproof and moisture-proof effect is better.If the test instrument is not available, sprinkle a few drops of water directly on the carton board or corrugated paper, wait for 60 seconds before the paper is sucked dry, and observe whether there is any discoloration of the paper surface after penetration. If not, it is proved that the waterproof and moisture-proof effect is better.


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2, corrugated board production process
Solve the carton back to soft main means is to choose good material, then look at the production process.Carton back to soft factor is the absorption of excess water, therefore, in the carton production and processing process, should try to remove water in the carton.
Solution: the original paper warehouse as far as possible and outdoor isolation, absolutely avoid damp air in the warehouse wanton wandering.When appropriate, add dehumidifier in the warehouse to ensure the relative temperature below 65%.

3. Storage environment
After the line off the cardboard should be in the steam has not been dispersed, to avoid the condensation of temperature difference, storage cardboard or carton environment to maintain ventilation and ventilation, cardboard cartons can not be placed directly on the ground, the use of pad (tray, splint) to bear.Pay attention to the gap between the storage, in order to facilitate ventilation and heat dissipation.

Solution: it is recommended to use wood pad, which can absorb moisture on the ground and is suitable for cardboard boxes;Keeping the storage environment ventilated and ventilated, and using winding film as outer protection, can effectively reduce and isolate the phenomenon of softening affected by weather.

4. Transportation environment
In the process of product delivery, some use open-top truck transport, some use van.Usually the latter can protect the cardboard than the former cardboard drying, avoid and reduce the soft back.

Solution: it is recommended to use van transportation, which is also commonly used by major suppliers.

Ok, the above is the 4 points of corrugated hardness in the design of custom jewelry gift boxes. I hope you can learn more about the packaging industry.



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