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Custom jewelry boxes from ancient to modern times

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  • January 02, 2019

Introduce: the gem box of the woman is right to the woman, bought gem, choose appropriate gem box to come to install these beautiful adorn article even.Compared with modern women, ancient women custom jewelry boxes are more luxurious, contemporary jewelry boxes are more practical...


Women customize jewelry boxes
For women, buying jewelry, and choosing the right jewelry box to hold these beautiful jewelry.Compared with modern women, jewelry boxes of ancient women are more luxurious, while contemporary jewelry boxes emphasize practicality and interest.What do you know about jewelry boxes?


custom jewelry boxes

Antique jewelry box inlaid with precious stones and white jade


custom jewelry boxes

Burned blue jade silver custom jewelry box


Copper gilt enamel color inlaid with pearls and turquoise antique jewelry box


Silver jewelry box set with precious stones

Rosewood jewelry box

Interesting jewelry box customization
Below this gout small jewelry box, the front looks is an expression, push away is to be able to place small ear nail, small ring receive a place.Compared with other jewelry boxes, it is a little mini but easy to carry.



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