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Two ways to teach you to choose paper jewelry box

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  • Jimmy at
  • February 12, 2019

A fine paper jewelry box not only enables the jewelry lovers of beautiful women to find a beautiful home, but also reflects a woman's extraordinary aesthetic taste. It is also an excellent choice for urban women to carry jewelry and adorn the taste of life. Then, how to choose a high-quality paper jewelry box?


Two ways to teach you to choose paper jewelry box


1. Choose according to the fabric
Believe that every woman all like wearing beautiful clothes, jewelry box, the fabric is like a box of clothes, fabrics of common jewelry box for PU material, but most the fabrics of a high quality jewelry box for high quality PU material, texture clear, rich simple sense, the luster is exquisite, can waterproof antifouling, can guarantee for years do not fade, and most of them adopt inferior inferior jewellery box PU leather, prone to cracking phenomenon, leather face aging, short service life of fabric;

2. Choose according to the internal workmanship
High quality paper jewelry box build quality should be fine, also can only be better fine internal work save everybody's precious jewelry, high-quality paper jewelry box inside most of the high quality flannelette material, feel is very good, can utmost care for your baby, and inferior paper jewelry box internal shoddy workmanship, materials, mostly to make jewelry are prone to oxidation, etc., to make jewelry are prone to wear and tear, lose their original luster and bright, so everybody when the choose and buy jewelry box,I firmly believe that you get what you pay for. I believe that buying a paper jewelry box with long, strong and fine workmanship is more practical and cost-effective than those with poor quality and short life.



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