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Common materials for design of jewelry packaging boxes

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  • January 05, 2019

The materials of jewelry packaging boxes are divided into the materials of jewelry trays and jewelry boxes. Generally speaking, the materials of jewelry packaging boxes and jewelry boxes are very different, or totally different.


First of all, let's talk about jewelry boxes in jewelry packaging boxes today. Jewelry boxes can be divided into paper boxes, plastic boxes and lacquered wood boxes. Of course, the prices are different, so the materials used are also different.General paper jewelry box, just as its name implies is the tooling is made of cardboard paper, outside the general paper, glue embryo jewelry boxes are generally a good mould, make glue embryo, outside with a layer of paper, this paper is divided into import and domestic paper, so the price is also different, lacquer wood box, main is to use some boards, have some of the paint surface there are also some with a layer of paper etc, is mainly in order to beautiful, of course, the complexity of the specific work, also can have certain effects on prices.


custom jewelry packaging boxes factory


The most important thing in making a jewelry box is the functionality and practicality of the product.


When designing jewelry packaging boxes, they should take into account the practicality of the interior, such as the thickness, height and size of each class.Jewelry packaging design must consider jewelry boxes generally have spacing, so must pay attention to the thickness of the partition, the interval can be designed to put rings, earrings, buttons, watches and so on, in accordance with the customer's requirements to do, the inner velvet box must pay attention to not glue.


Another thing is that when you print the logo of the jewelry box on the jewelry boxes, it is usually bronzed gold or silver. The method is the same as that of the branded products, except that you put a layer of bronzing and silver film on the surface of the branded products.


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