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How to make DIY jewelry packaging boxes?

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  • January 10, 2019

Have you ever thought about making jewelry packaging boxes by yourself?It's not that hard to make the jewelry packaging boxes you want, just do what I taught you today


First of all, you need to prepare the materials and tools to be used.Tools: scissors, tweezers, needle and thread.


jewelry packaging boxes


Decorative paper: originally wanted to give you a look after the beautification of the effect, but here or first retain a suspense, so took a useless demonstration.


String of beads: average handiwork technology is otaku to be able to have such small trifle inside, also have on the market sell, and the price is very cheap, color can match at will according to oneself be fond of.


Unwanted t-shirts: worn and unwanted t-shirts, thrown away but used.
Cardboard: choose a cleaner looking, no creases, this time with a gift box.
I'm not going to talk about fishing line, needle and thread, scissors or anything, but the basic tools, ok, we have everything, we can start.


jewelry packaging boxes factory


Steps to make jewelry packaging boxes:


1. Clean the empty paper ring with the remaining transparent rubber band, cut the decorative paper into the same size as the inner layer of the paper circle, and then stick the decorative paper to the inner layer of the paper circle with glue, so that the jewelry packaging boxes will be cleaned.


2.Making jewelry packaging boxes, at the bottom of the first string beads with the line up, according to the chart shows, longer string, then cut a piece of hard board, some ordinary toy box of wrapping paper of India's hardness is enough, and cut into a circle, and then put the beads in a circle round a cardboard, from inside to outside, needle and thread sewing on the round board, forming a transparent tape at the bottom of the circle and inner diameter size of circle.


3.Make the outermost cover of jewelry packaging boxes, cut the T-shirt according to the outer size of the transparent tape circle, the size is better to enlarge, then cut a circle according to the outer diameter of the paper circle, and sew it with needle and thread.If you don't have a sewing machine, just a needle and thread, use the original edges so you don't have to worry about the edges coming off.


4.Lid: cut a circle of cardboard with the same diameter as the outer ring of the transparent adhesive paper, then cut a circle of cardboard with the same diameter as the inner diameter of the paper circle with the cardboard of the gift box, then wrap the lid with the T-shirt and cut off the corners.


Conclusion: the effect is actually quite good. Of course, it is not necessarily the finished product. You can also use your imagination to sew some jewelry or other decorations you like on the side of jewelry packaging boxes.In general, there is a lot of room for improvement in this gift box.



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