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Do you know all these contents of jewelry packaging wholesale

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  • December 27, 2018

No matter jewelry packaging wholesale or personal use of jewelry boxes, there is not much knowledge about their types or details. This paper mainly shares some knowledge about jewelry packaging.

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Jewelry packaging wholesale - jewelry bags

The design makes full use of the inner cover or side space to effectively expand the capacity of your jewelry box.You can hide your favorite pearl necklace inside, or hang a whole row of earrings, how to use it depends on your preferences.

Jewelry packaging wholesale - portable boxes/travel bags

Take your favorite jewelry with you.


Easy to move your jewelry box


Convenient for you to inspect your jewelry wearing condition

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Hardware jewelry box inside the function of wire

1. The positioning
Jewelry doesn't run around in it

2.Protect your jewelry
In particular, gold and silver, iron is more chemically active than gold and silver, so that the first iron that oxidizes doesn't react with gold and silver.

The above is about jewelry packaging wholesale to understand the content, after reading if you want to know more, welcome to browse other articles





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