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Guide to the use of jewelry boxes - jewelry boxes wholesale

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  • December 27, 2018

A beautiful jewelry box can make your jewelry storage more elegant and decent, more can take care of your baby.For example, there are special rings for fixing and protecting your baby and so on.So, how much do you know about the use of jewelry boxes?Jewelry box wholesale you can also know more.

Article ring gasket

Designed to secure and protect your precious ring, it usually consists of a set of strips of flannelette foam pads.Besides placing a ring, it is also a good choice to put cufflinks or earrings. White flannel can protect your hands and protect your baby.


custom jewelry box packaging

Ear stud fixing hole/ear stud fixing pad

Earring accessories are specially designed to protect your ears. They are usually provided with earring holes on the partition board to fix the ear ornaments, or earring shelving strips are set by using the box cover position, and some are equipped with removable pads with earring holes in the compartment

Butterfly card cover pad

Usually, a flannelette with a butterfly card is built into a compartment to cover your precious jewelry.Or play a layered role and separate your trinkets up and down.

Watch pad/bracelet pad

Specially designed for securing your bracelet or watch.

The necklace hook

A necklace, bracelet, etc. designed to secure and protect you, usually in the form of a clasp or hook.A dark bag with an open elastic band is usually provided below to hold the dangling necklace.

Between the small

There are various sizes and shapes of small compartment design, so that your baby jewelry can be placed separately.Usually slender designs are for necklaces, while square ones are for bracelets, brooches, earrings, hairpins, cufflinks and other accessories depending on the size and depth.

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