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Bronzing Process of Jewelry Packaging Box

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  • January 17, 2022

Hot stamping is a lithographic printing process, the process of hot stamping is to use a hot stamping machine to heat the hot stamping mold, and then press the aluminum foil to the surface. Hot stamping is a very versatile and precise printing method that can be used for product packaging in almost every industry. Especially for paper jewelry packaging boxes with high process requirements, the bronzing process is often used. So what are the advantages of the bronzing process? What should be paid attention to during use


Bronzing Process of Jewelry Packaging Box


There are 3 advantages to the bronzing process of jewelry packaging boxes:
1. Hot stamping is also a clean and very effective process. Because the foil stamping machine uses foil rolls or pre-dried inks, jewelry box manufacturers can avoid liquid ink mixing with each other and no ink residue.
2. Hot stamping is a general term for a process. Hot stamping does not mean that the color of hot stamping is gold. The material of hot stamping paper is also divided into many colors, the most common are gold, silver, laser gold, laser silver, black, red, white, and so on. You can choose a suitable bronzing color according to the design of the jewelry packaging box.
3. The bronzing effect is very beautiful and the pattern is clear, and the surface presents a metal-like texture, which can play the role of finishing touch and highlighting the design in the packaging box, and can be applied to the Logo and name.


Bronzing Process of Jewelry Packaging Box


Notes on the hot stamping process:
1. The pattern lines of bronzing should not be too thin, not less than 0.15mm, and the characters of bronzing should not be too small. Otherwise, there will be burrs, unclear, and other phenomena. If you need to print very small fonts and very thin lines with high definition, the screen printing process can be used.
2. The finished products after bronzing need to avoid friction between the products, otherwise the characters and patterns after bronzing will be scratched.
3. If ordinary bronzing is applied to the fabric, it is easy to cause the problem of fabric wrinkles due to the need for heat treatment. This phenomenon can be avoided by using cold ironing.

Hot stamping is a very common process in the jewelry packaging industry. Correct use of hot stamping in jewelry packaging can help you win the attention of more customers and enhance your brand image.



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