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Advantages of Paper Jewelry Packaging Liners

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  • January 15, 2022

The packaging box is an important part of the product, and the packaging material selected when customizing the jewelry packaging box is also closely related to the product. Paper Jewelry Packaging Liners is the main protective medium of the product, and the material it chooses also directly affects the protective performance of the jewelry packaging box. The most common packaging in the market is lined with sponges, Eva, plastic, blister, paper, and more. However, among many lining materials, the advantages of paper lining are often much greater than those of other types.


Advantages of Paper Jewelry Packaging Liners


2. Flexibility inlining design of paper jewelry packaging
The paper packaging liner provides flexibility in the layout, shape, and unique packaging style of the product. It does not require mold opening and customization like the blister liner during production. The desired effect can be achieved directly through die-cutting. For small batches, It is very friendly for custom merchants. The paper's high ink absorption properties allow the brand's signature elements to be printed onto the inner lining, promoting the brand while enhancing the packaging's aesthetics.


Advantages of Paper Jewelry Packaging Liners


3. Environmental protection of paper jewelry packaging lining
Paper is a recyclable and renewable resource. In almost every region of China, there will be recycling stations. The discarded paper is recycled and reprocessed and can be used again to make new paper jewelry packaging boxes, liners, and other paper. quality supplies. Moreover, most customers now prefer to buy and use products that are more environmentally friendly. This is why paper jewelry packaging boxes and paper linings are becoming more and more popular.


More and more brands now tend to use paper when customizing the lining of jewelry boxes. Compared to other materials, paper linings are no less capable of protecting products. On the contrary, the paper lining has great advantages in terms of flexibility and environmental protection of lining design. This is also the root cause of the increasing popularity of paper linings.



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