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The important role of custom jewelry packaging in daily sales

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  • October 19, 2018

Custom jewelry packaging, as a jewellery container or external enclosure and dressing protection, is an important aspect of jewelry management. A beautiful custom jewelry packaging can give the customer a bright effect, leaving customers with the impression of the product, thereby increasing their sales. So how does jewelry packaging play an important role in sales?

The role of custom jewelry packaging:

1. Protection of goods: the most basic function of packaging, there are jewelry boxes, bags and so on.

2. Promote sales: As intellectual consumption becomes more and more popular, “appropriate trade-offs” are no longer possible, but exquisite packaging will make it easier for customers to win the attention and trust.

3. Increase profits: exquisite packaging will raise the price of the product and have more profit margins.

4. Advertising: The printed matter on the packaging invisibly promotes the company and products.

custom jewelry packaging

Custom jewelry packaging requirements:

1. The packaging should be commensurate with the value of the goods, and neither can be "informed"

2. The shape of the package should be beautiful and generous.

3. The packaging should be able to show the characteristics or style of the product.

4. Packaging design should take into account the use, storage, carrying, etc.

5. Packaging should be aimed at the customer's psychology, highlighting the key points

custom jewelry packaging

Jewelry packaging: As a high-end consumer goods, jewellery is often given or collected, so the role of packaging is more important. The basic requirement for jewellery packaging is to be able to highlight the elegance, elegance and artistry of the goods, as well as the more detailed requirements:

Custom jewelry packaging should have special features: for example, the same diamond ring box, some companies have ingenuity, the jewelry box is designed to represent the company's mascot, both beautiful and diverse, but also highlight the company's image, and these jewelry boxes together with jewelry Sales more to highlight the product features.

custom jewelry packaging

Custom jewelry packaging materials should be refined, workmanship should be fine: as a jewelry packaging box to be soft, durable, strong, paper, cloth, plastic is the packaging material used by many manufacturers. Different grades of gems can be made of different materials for the box, the style of the box should match the style of the jewellery bag, and the workmanship should be fine.

The style of custom jewelry packaging needs to change: people's consumption concept is constantly changing, packaging can not be fixed, to meet the changes in consumer demand.
Custom jewelry packaging is best for one thing: a beautifully designed package, in addition to being used as a jewellery package, it can also be used to decorate a window or display, and even other uses.





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