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Emotional design of jewelry packaging box

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  • December 11, 2018

Jewelry packaging boxes For new jewellery brands, there is an attempt to be fresh, and packaging plays an important role in reminding and presenting. At another level, the functionality of packaging design can also become a brand, and it will become a loyal reason for consumers. A product cannot meet the needs of all people. The correct market goal is the key to shaping the brand.


jewelry packaging boxes

   In the brand, the culture and history of the emotional packaging design of the jewelry packaging is the key to the development of the brand. In addition to the historical accumulation of the product itself, the logo, font and color are also the reasons for people's loyalty. People will not be independent. To describe your loyalty as your own personality, people will say "this is me." This is precisely because of the development of economy and culture, people's individual needs are also developing, and the corresponding packaging design is constantly improving their branding concepts to adapt to people's needs, both materially and spiritually. , function or form, are more close to the individual, close to the community.


jewelry packaging boxes

   With the emotional development of jewelry packaging boxes, people are more aware of the importance of psychology, how to find the right target market, how to design the packaging design, what kind of service to consumers. Therefore, understanding the regional culture, understanding the living conditions of the target group, fully summarizing their psychological symbols, becoming a very important job for the sellers to grasp the market and establish a brand, is also an important part of the packaging design status. From the instinct level design analysis, when the consumer sees the color, typography style, font and other information, it will bring the corresponding psychological feeling quickly or at the same time, which becomes an important reminder for the consumer to judge the product category. For beverages of different tastes, green may be original or green tea, blue for blueberry, yellow for mango, color for taste, and easy to identify and understand.




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