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How to choose jewelry packaging boxes?

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  • December 13, 2018

When many people go to a jewelry store to buy jewelry, it is often what the jewelry owner gives to the jewelry packaging boxes. Few people will ask the owner because they simply don't know what kind of jewelry box is right. Let the jewelry package be analyzed for everyone:

Jewelry packaging boxes are generally classified into four types according to the material: cartons, flocking boxes, plastic boxes, and wooden boxes are the most commonly used jewelry boxes on the market. How can I choose my desired box from these four boxes?


          jewelry packaging boxes


Carton: At present, the paper boxes on the market are generally made of cardboard, which is covered with a layer of paper. The paper is generally imported from abroad. Such boxes are relatively cheaper, and are generally used in silver jewelry stores.

Flocking box: The flocking box is made of plastic as the main structure, the surface is flocked, looks beautiful and lighter. Flocking boxes are relatively more advanced than cartons. Generally used for silver jewelry, gold, etc.

Plastic box: This can be said to be the most widely used box in the jewelry industry. The price of this type of box is at the middle price, and the grade is relatively low. It is the first choice of most jewelers.

Wooden box: It is the most expensive box, but some wooden boxes appear in the market are cheap, but the quality is not good.

Through the introduction of the above jewelry packaging boxes, I believe that everyone has a new understanding, in the future when buying jewelry, you can ask the boss to ask for different boxes according to the price of the jewelry, so that your jewelry is upscale.


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