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Custom ring box requires mounting paper

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  • May 04, 2019

At the recent Canton fair, many merchants who need custom ring box have gathered together. As consumers have higher and higher requirements on packaging, both aesthetics and durability.Therefore, the design requirements of jewelry packaging boxes are becoming more and more diversified. The traditional double-copper paper and card paper are far from meeting their needs. Today I would like to share the mounting paper needed for the custom ring box.


          Custom ring box requires mounting paper

1. Pearl paper, 17 years start, no doubt, pearl paper is the custom in the ring box pasting, the biggest winner, because since pearl paper available on the inside of the jewelry box fine heat began to constantly, especially his itself is the star of bright surface, with diamonds or other adornment is very perfect fit, it can be said that the pearl paper to jewelry born this whole industry, although the division average cost, but this kind of packing box custom fit can give consumers the impression that the very clam oh.


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2. The gold card paper, pay attention to this kind of paper gold, not printing gold went up, but the custom ring box manufacturers to deal with in advance, with metal substrate gold, printing gold card paper are generally not have metal of the senses, looks like other delectable, and the characteristics of the gold card paper, is have a little slight gradient effect, the slight gradient and with a little metal light color, will be more make jewelry ring the icing on the cake, this product because itself is valuables, and compare the colour and lustre of grand ornament, the characteristics of the gold card paper actually does not lose to the pearl paper mentioned above.

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