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What should we pay attention to in the process of custom jewelry packaging

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  • April 30, 2019

On the whole, custom jewelry packaging can be divided into two categories, one is the jewelry props tray, the other is the jewelry packaging box, and there are other jewelry packaging. In this paper, the customization process of these two categories is mainly Shared.


custom jewelry packaging


Jewelry prop tray, there are a lot of jewelry prop tray on the market, the price is relatively cheap, the quality of words are relatively rough, like this selling spot packaging company, they mostly pursue a quantity, mainly for what kind of customers?Main is some to sell in the market of silver, there is no brand, there are some sell wants is not a lot of ornaments, something make do, there are some clients sell jade, may say the counter so two, also without the brand, props tray quality is not very good, quantity is not many, as more clients are selling props tray spot main sales channels.


Big jewelry store, or store inside some of the store, have their own brand whether your brand is local or domestic well-known door chain brand, all need to find a professional packaging design company, here about the jewelry props tray design customization process, first, jewelry customer needs for packaging design company, jewelry counter bore size, why is the inner diameter size, because want to order some counter in the design of the counter plate, if not inside diameter size is not easy for to can't let go in, when the time comes to practice a lot of trouble, so avoid by all means to provide the diameter of the counter.The 2nd, want to decorate a style to the face of jeweller inn, main purpose is to be in when the design chooses two sides to keep as far as possible follow your gem storefront to decorate a style to keep unified.Third for jewelry customers to your store about a cargo and goods, know the cargo we will give you when the design is the purpose of the design about how many pallets, or put on the bulk, know our goods purpose is to arrange different regions of different goods, if you don't provide, can bring unnecessary to late design good communication, and so the delay your time, also delayed the opening of the late time, you more than to provide good after, we will give you design and communication, until you satisfied, after determine the good design, accounting a ballpark estimate, there will be about a delivery time,But this also has the computation transportation time, makes the earnest money to open is the custom, after the goods is good, arranges the balance to deliver goods, the later period service, has any place not suitable also may revise for you.


the process of custom jewelry packaging


Here we are going to talk about the important part of custom jewelry packaging, which is easier to customize compared with jewelry props.There are many companies selling jewelry boxes in stock, but the biggest drawback is that they do not print your own logo. If you want to print your own logo, you have to customize it.If you want to customize the jewelry box, you need to provide samples. We will customize according to the samples. We can also design for you.Personalized customized jewelry packaging box can enhance your brand image and give customers a better experience.



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