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5 ways to print paper jewelry boxes

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  • February 26, 2020

Paper jewelry box is a commonly used jewelry packaging box, packaging box printing technology can be divided into traditional printing and digital printing. The types of traditional printing technologies mainly include lithography, letterpress, gravure, and screen printing. Digital printing is the product of the development of computer technology in the 20th century. It mainly refers to image copying technology, computer direct platemaking, digital inkjet printing and direct printing. Printing, etc. Let's learn about the next 5 ways.


1. Paper jewelry box gravure printing

The printing plate of gravure printing is lower than the blank part, and the degree of depression varies with the level of the graphic. The darker the graphic level, the deeper the depth, and the blank part is on the same plane. When printing, After the ink is applied on the entire layout, the ink on the flat surface (ie, the blank part) is scraped off with an ink scraping machine to keep the ink only on the printing plate with a low concave surface, and then a substrate with strong ink absorption is placed on the surface to apply Under high pressure, the ink on the printing portion of the layout is transferred to the substrate, thereby obtaining printed matter. Because the depth of the depression of the printing portion on the layout is different, the amount of ink in the printing portion is different, and the thickness of the ink layer on the printed product It is also inconsistent. The part with more ink appears to have a lighter color than the part with less dense ink. Therefore, the picture and text appear to have different tone levels. The main feature of gravure printing is that the picture and text are added with a 45 degree screen.



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2. Digital printing of paper jewelry boxes
Digital printing is generally defined as the process of printing documents directly from a computer or output device with ink, toner or other dyes. Due to technological updates, a complete all-digital printing system has replaced many traditional manual printing methods.


3. Paper jewellery box lithography
The lithographic printing plate is flat and uses the principle of water and oil immiscibility to achieve printing. The printing plate is divided into a lipophilic and hydrophobic graphic portion and a hydrophilic and oleophobic blank portion. In this way, the graphic portion absorbs the ink, and the blank portion does not adsorb the ink.


4. Paper jewelry box letterpress printing
The printed part of letterpress printing is higher than the blank part, and when all printed parts are printed on the same plane, the printed part is covered with ink. Because the blank part is lower than the printed part, the ink cannot be adhered. The printing plate is contacted, and a certain pressure is applied, so that the printing portion of the printing plate is transferred to the paper to obtain a printed product. Since the blank portion is concave, the blank portion of the printed matter is slightly protruding when pressurized to form a printed product. The surface has inconspicuous unevenness.


5. Paper jewelry box screen printing
Screen printing originated in China. It has a history of more than 2,000 years. Screen printing belongs to stencil printing. Simply put, the name of screen printing is derived from screen printing plates. The material department of screen printing plates is very simple. The printing principle is: the screen holes on the printing plate are as follows: The through holes, instead of the screen holes in the graphic part, are blocked. During printing, the ink is transferred to the substrate through the mesh of the graphic part through the squeezing of the blade to form the same graphic as the original.