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What is the future trend of jewelry packaging boxes?

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  • Jimmy at
  • February 29, 2020

The development of the jewelry packaging boxes industry has become more and more mature, and many packaging companies have developed from a single variety to diversified, and some jewelry packaging boxes manufacturers with backward designs and lacking industry standards will be gradually eliminated.
Looking at the jewelry packaging boxes products circulating in the market, the problems reflected in the design, such as insufficient visual impact, lack of diversification of forms and functions, and serious imitation traces between each other, are still more prominent. What causes it?


          jewelry packaging boxes


1. The modern jewelry packaging boxes industry started late and needs to be strengthened

Jewelry is a luxury product, and it will only have a larger market when the economy is developing rapidly and people's lives are relatively affluent. In the last two or three decades, with the development of the economy, the traditional jewelry industry has begun to gradually transform into the modern jewelry industry. Due to the uniqueness of jewelry, its transformation from arts and crafts to modern design is not complete and is restricted by traditional processing Many links still need to be completed by hand, and excessive reliance on labor-intensive production has also led to a low level of modernization in the design of jewelry and its supporting industries. Therefore, the jewelry packaging boxes industry needs to incorporate more technological elements.


jewelry packaging boxes


2.The size of the jewelry packaging boxes industry is small
The scale of jewelry factories is generally relatively small. Manufacturers and distributors usually buy finished packaging products directly. Although this can effectively reduce costs, but the jeweler and jewelry packaging boxes manufacturers do not communicate with each other in sufficient detail. Happening. For a long time, jewelry packaging boxes and gift packaging are mixed together and sometimes replace each other. Some jewelry packaging boxes manufacturers directly transfer from gift packaging factories, while others are also mainly engaged in gift packaging while also serving as jewelry packaging boxes. Lack of norms and standards.


3. The traditional marketing model does not pay attention to brand image promotion
Jewelry is a special kind of commodity. Because its raw materials are very expensive, in traditional marketing models and concepts, the light of raw materials often masks the value of styles, craftsmanship, and brands. With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, people's requirements for jewellery no longer just stay in value preservation. Its appreciation has also become important, so the design of jewelry packaging boxes has also become important. In the future, people's requirements for jewelry packaging boxes will definitely become higher and higher. This requires manufacturers of jewelry packaging boxes to have more designs and ideas to meet consumer needs.