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How much does a custom jewelry box cost?

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  • February 24, 2020

Jewelry boxes are used to pack valuables. Whether it is the brand marketing of a jewelry company or the experience of customers after buying jewelry, jewelry boxes are very important. From the perspective of brand marketing strategy, custom jewelry boxes can be closely related to the brand theme, which is conducive to brand promotion. From the perspective of customer experience, custom jewelry boxes can set off the preciousness of jewelry, and also make people who give jewelry to friends have more face. Knowing the importance of custom jewelry boxes, how much does the following custom jewelry boxes cost?


Custom jewelry boxes


To know the cost of custom jewelry boxes, you can analyze the following aspects:
1. The complexity of the custom jewelry box
Craftsmanship is one of the important factors in custom jewelry boxes. As long as it is a high-grade item, its manufacturing process will be relatively complicated, the details will be more rigorous, and it will consume more manpower and resources. What craftsmanship you choose determines whether our custom jewelry boxes are high-grade.


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2. The amount of product raw materials
This seems to depend on the size and quantity of the custom jewelry box, the raw materials consumed during the customization process, etc. The larger the size, the larger the quantity, the more the raw materials are consumed, and the price will naturally be more expensive. Determine the quantity and specifications in advance.


3. Customized jewelry box style and material
Some boxes need to be opened for moulding. When opening the mould, it is necessary to increase the cost, which is also an important factor affecting the cost of custom-made jewelry boxes.

4. Customized jewelry box packaging and shipping requirements
Custom jewelry box packaging styles, specifications and costs incurred in the shipping process require costs, so custom jewelry box costs are higher than wholesale jewelry boxes, but the brand effect and user experience is definitely better.