How should jewelry packaging boxes be stored?

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  • March 12, 2022

We talked about how to customize the jewelry packaging box before. After you have customized the jewelry packaging box, the next thing you need to consider is how to store it? Jewelry boxes made of paper and cardboard are susceptible to moisture or burns, so special care should be taken when storing them.


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1. Jewelry packaging boxes keep away from the humid environment
Paper jewelry packaging boxes cannot be stored in a humid room. The air humidity is too high, which can easily make the paper moldy and affect the appearance of the packaging box. Only store in a dry and ventilated warehouse to keep your jewelry box intact.


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2. Pay attention to fire prevention work
It is mentioned above to prevent moisture, on the contrary, jewelry packaging boxes cannot be stored in a flammable environment. For example, there are flammable and explosive materials nearby, or people entering and leaving the warehouse to carry fire sources. If you are not careful, the jewelry packaging boxes will catch fire. Once burned, it is very dangerous.


3. Avoid crushing heavy objects
If you have a small storage space, in order to make full use of the limited space, it is possible that you will pile items high, which is indeed a good way. It is worth noting that do not put jewelry packaging boxes below, although these boxes have not been unfolded, they are just folded cardboards, but they are pressed under heavy objects for a long time, which is easy to cause deformation, and may also make the patterns on the boxes stick to on different boxes.



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