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The significance of jewelry packaging design

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  • May 03, 2018
The complete jewelry packaging design includes packaging structure design, packaging container design, packaging visual information design, logo and advertising design. Packaging visual information design mainly refers to the overall design of text design, layout design, graphic design, color design, and trademark design.

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Jewellery packaging not only has the function of protecting products. With the improvement of people's living standards and aesthetic demands, jewelry packaging has been given more and more meanings, and it is increasingly valued by companies and consumers. Jewelry packaging is not only a powerful means for the company's products to enter the market, but also represents the company's image. In the fierce market competition, jewelry information should be used to accurately convey jewelry information and corporate image to consumers.
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        Therefore, designers should be more aware of the significance of jewelry packaging, so as to design jewelry packaging that meets market demand. To complete the packaging design requires a reasonable design process, the basic process of packaging design is the designer of the entire design activities in order to achieve the purpose of packaging design arrangements. The packaging design process includes the following stages: design preparation phase, design development phase, and design completion phase. In the process of designing, the packaging design needs to be positioned. The positioning methods include brand positioning, product positioning, and consumer positioning. Design positioning plays a decisive role in packaging design. Accurate positioning can help merchants sell large quantities of goods. The design orientation in packaging design is how to grasp the characteristics of its own products and find the packaging content that can catch the eye of consumers most.

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