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How much is the price of jewelry boxes wholesale?

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  • March 28, 2019

As we all know, jewellery boxes, handbags and other jewelry packaging products are consumable type, which is an indispensable part in the operation of jewelry stores. Most jewelers pay attention to their design and quality, especially in the case of good business. Jewelers don't care about their costs, but now that this jewelry sales competition is so big, some people in the jewelry boxes wholesale plan to consider reducing costs in this regard, then jewelry boxes wholesale is expensive or buy Cheap?


          jewelry boxes wholesale

Jewelry sales are also based on positioning:

If your jewelry products are on the basis of a small amount of profit, and the profit margin of a single product is low, the jewelry boxes will also choose a low price. For example, some silver jewelry itself has limited profit per product. If it is a jewelry box, it costs 2 US dollars. Not worth it.


Jewelry store products are positioned at the high end, you must not buy a low-grade jewelry box, jewelry packaging is also a jewelry brand VI, it can represent the brand image, just like the jewelry store must be able to keep up with the rhythm of the market attract customers;


Second is the quality: some jewelers want the same quality, the lowest price, this is what everyone thinks. The same appearance can be very different. There are several prices for the same thing. This is because jewelry packaging products are mostly handmade products. For example, jewelry boxes have a lot of prices, and the appearance looks the same. However, it took a while to use the hinges, the degree of glue bonding, and the quality of the fluff to see the difference. Therefore, jewelry boxes wholesale should choose the right product for their own products, instead of blindly pursuing the price.




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