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How to print jewelry packaging boxes?

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  • April 24, 2019

When you wholesale jewelry packaging boxes, have you thought about how jewelry packaging boxes are printed? This is a very technical step, let's take a look at it.


jewelry packaging boxes


1. Be familiar with the technical parameters of the printing equipment, such as the maximum and minimum dimensions of the above machine.


2, if it is the jewelry packaging boxes to pay attention to the left and right sides, at least 8mm bleeding position in the mouth and the end of the mouth.


3, when confronting, pit paper and color box should be used to insert the pattern, otherwise, simple deformation. The jewelry packaging boxes should also pay attention to the whiteness, stiffness and direction of the paper.


4, on the requirements of accurate products, such as bronzing has a set, the beer has a color position constraint, layout should be as small as possible, the paper is not simple deformation, post-processing is also convenient.


jewelry packaging boxes factory


5, you should pay attention to the paper grain requirements when making typesetting, especially the simple deformation of the blister card, the Leica, the chessboard and the boutique box, etc., generally use long lines.


6, when doing die cutting board, you should pay attention to the requirements of the trace line (dotted line, trace line, point plus mark), such as the distance of the point line, the width of the line and so on.


7. Use silver base to make the product with metallic luster. If it is printed with yellow, it is similar to gold.


The above is the printing process of jewelry packaging boxes. If you want to know more about jewelry packaging boxes, please read other articles.



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