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What should I pay attention to when designing Custom jewelry box?

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  • Jimmy at
  • February 15, 2020

Jewelry box is one of the most popular fashion items at present, and is very popular among many consumers. Then, in order to attract consumers' attention, jewelers need to know more about consumers' preferences when designing Custom jewelry box, so that they can attract consumers' attention.


designing Custom jewelry box


Designing Custom jewelry box:


1. Since it is a custom jewelry box, it must be combined with the characteristics of jewelry, such as volume, shape, material, style, style, brand story and other objective factors. In this way, the packaging designed according to the characteristics and individuality of the product can reflect the unity and integrity.


2, Designing Custom jewelry box is based on the market, after all, the purpose of packaging design is to attract the attention of consumers, therefore, before the design, it is necessary to conduct a market research.


3, Designing Custom jewelry box The choice of packaging material is also very important, the main role of packaging is to protect the goods, the choice of materials need to take into account the packaging shape, color, bearing capacity and technology.


Good packaging materials and structures can greatly avoid physical and chemical damage to the products. At the same time, because the jewelry is small in size and in various shapes, the packaging design must meet the requirements for storage, transportation and carrying of the goods.

Therefore, today, higher requirements are put forward for custom jewelry packaging to better understand enterprises. The principle to be followed in jewelry packaging design is sustainability.At the beginning of the design of jewelry packaging, the recyclability of materials should be followed when selecting materials.



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