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What do you need to pay attention to in the jewelry display of unique jewelry packaging ideas?

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  • August 23, 2018

Unique jewelry packaging ideas think that jewelry display is a kind of visual marketing technique. It is based on different display space, using various jewelry props and art decorations to combine culture, art, taste, fashion and personality on the basis of product style positioning. Such elements, through a variety of display techniques, fully express the characteristics, style or sales theme of jewelry.

Unique jewelry packaging ideas jewellery display purpose: in a certain range of merchandise display space or sales space, so that customers can see the characteristics, quality, style and grade of the goods at a glance, and draw their attention, leave an impression, produce close to jewellery Even the desire to buy jewelry to maximize the display of jewelry and stimulate its sales, create brand influence, and spread the brand culture.

Jewelry display of unique jewelry packaging ideas needs to pay attention to the following three aspects:

First, the focus setting of the unique jewelry packaging ideas counter

The most visible location, showing some representative, luxurious and exaggerated goods, products that reflect the strength of the store.

Easy to see location, best display space, display some distinctive, high-margin goods.

You can see the location, display some stable sales, standing goods.

Second, the principle of unique jewelry packaging ideas window display

Unique jewelry packaging ideas consider the customer's sight: when people see things, they naturally look up from the top down. Therefore, it is necessary to grasp the visual focus to capture the customer's sight.

Clearly display the goods: be sure to let the customer understand the style design, material and wearing feeling of the jewelry.

Simple composition: The number of jewellery in the window space should not be too much, and the combination of type and color should not be too complicated, and it should be simple. It is persuasive to focus on the goods that you want to be seen.

Third, the importance of unique jewelry packaging ideas

Let the main jewels stand out among the many jewels. It is important to have proper white space for jewelry display, because white space can cut off other things and focus on the jewelry that needs to be highlighted.

The unique jewelry packaging ideas display is very important for jewellery. The combination of carefully styled styles can stimulate consumers' desire to buy, and can also turn rotten into magic, making an outdated jewelry shine. Neat, clean and orderly display also creates a good shopping environment for consumers. The successful color matching also gives people amazing effects in color collision. It will bring you different kinds of furnishings and shapes. Different clarity and perception.


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