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3 kinds of environmentally friendly inks are commonly used in jewelry packaging boxes

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  • July 30, 2022

Ink is one of the most commonly used consumables in the printing of jewelry packaging boxes. Because jewelry packaging boxes are frequently used in daily life, it is also necessary to focus on factors such as whether it is environmentally friendly and harmful to the human body when choosing ink. Traditional inks include main components (resins, pigments) and auxiliary components (fillers, diluents, anti-skinning agents, anti-offset agents, slip agents, and other additives). However, the pigments and additives in traditional inks contain a large number of heavy metals such as lead and mercury, as well as aromatic hydrocarbon solvents commonly used in inks, which will be released into the air as the ink dries. These gases are very toxic and can cause great harm to human health. However, with the enhancement of human environmental awareness, the demand for environmentally friendly inks also increases. The following three are environmentally friendly inks commonly used in jewelry packaging boxes.


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1. UV ink

UV ink refers to ink that can be dried and cured under the irradiation of ultraviolet rays using ultraviolet rays with different wavelengths of energy. Because UV ink does not use solvent and cures and dries very fast, its contamination during printing is almost zero. Therefore, it is also a very environmentally friendly ink. In addition, the bright color and good wear resistance of UV ink can effectively improve the visual effect and service life of jewelry packaging boxes.


2. Water-based ink

Water-based inks are also often referred to as "water-based inks". It is mainly composed of water-soluble resins, organic pigments, solvents, and related auxiliaries through compound grinding. Since the water-based ink uses water as the dissolving carrier, almost no volatile gas is produced, which will not affect the environment or the human body. Therefore, water-based inks are often used as printing inks for packaging boxes with strict requirements such as children's products, food, and medicines.


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3. Soy Ink

Soybean oil is very common in our lives, it is soluble in nature after decomposition, non-toxic and harmless. Compared with traditional inks, soybean inks are not only very environmentally friendly, but also have outstanding performances such as bright color, gloss, stability, and drying resistance. Soybean ink has begun to be applied on a large scale in the United States, Japan, and other countries, and China's application of soybean ink started relatively late. However, as people's awareness of environmental protection gradually increases, soy ink will gradually develop in the Chinese market.


There is a growing trend toward using eco-friendly inks when customizing jewelry packaging boxes. Compared with traditional inks that can volatilize harmful gases, environmentally friendly inks will greatly reduce the pollution of inks to the environment. Boyang Packaging specializes in producing jewelry packaging boxes, jewelry packaging bags, etc. If you need custom jewelry packaging boxes, please contact us.

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