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Custom jewelry packaging box to understand the difference between slotted boxes and folding boxes

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  • January 28, 2019

Hardboard jewelry packaging box can be folded or not. Generally speaking, Custom jewelry packaging box that cannot be folded usually have grooves.What is a slotted box?How is it different from a folding box?


Slotting process refers to the use of cutter in the card or cardboard surface along the design of the path to take out the excess fiber to form a groove line, so that it looks like a groove, the purpose is to make the card or cardboard along the groove line folded into a three-dimensional Angle.


          Custom jewelry packaging box


So what's the difference between these slotted boxes and folding boxes?


From the definition, we can see the following differences:

1.Grooved box molding after the edges and corners, solid appearance, simple and beautiful.
2.Slotted packaging boxes can be inserted inside double gray board or corrugated board, increase the strength of the carton.Folding boxes are nowhere near as strong as grooved boxes
3.Slotted packaging box can reduce the paper jam rebound, so that the carton is not easy to deformation.
4.After grooving, the prefolding process can be saved to facilitate post-sequence bonding operation.


Folding box is integrated molding, saving costs.Custom jewelry packaging box friends can be based on their own needs, choose the appropriate packaging box.


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