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Jewellery box manufacturers teach you how to design jewellery box

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  • January 26, 2019

On market the packing box of full of beautiful things in eyes always makes a person linger over forget to return.Like all kinds of jewelry boxes, cosmetics boxes, health care products boxes, hardcover gift box, gift box, food products, health care products box, wine box, box type: heaven and earth cover box, book type box, box box, smoked pull box, hand DiHe, special-shaped box, cylinder box (such as tube box) is inseparable from the overall excellent packaging design and perfect packaging solutions.Jewelry box design to pay attention to what?I hope that the jewellery box manufacturers can help you summarize some points.


Jewellery box manufacturers teach you how to design jewellery box


First, jewelry packaging boxes should be combined with pictures and texts. Jewelry packaging boxes with only patterns and no text description are just like a package without soul.For example, the tea packaging box will indicate the origin, production date, shelf life and so on of tea, which is to make the product users more clearly and deeply understand the goods.


Second, jewelry packaging boxes should pay attention to both appearance and content. The key point of packaging design is to carry out derivative design around the product. Therefore, the characteristics of the product should be highlighted from the packaging, so that consumers can know the characteristics of the product in the packaging box at a glance, and the product information should be conveyed to consumers.


Jewellery box manufacturers,design jewellery box


Third, the full display of the jewelry box on the goods can reduce the consumers' suspicion of the goods, such as the window box, so that consumers can directly see the goods inside.
Fourth, the color in the customized design of jewelry packaging boxes is also a very important aspect, because the first thing consumers see is a variety of different colors.

Of course, in addition to the above points, in the jewelry box design and structural solutions to pay attention to the use of the box function.Jewellery box manufacturers believe that flashy packaging boxes can't win consumers' love and support. Only by combining design with practicality can consumers' diversified psychological needs be satisfied





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